UPDATE: Hit Night Times: 3:30-9pm

All Star Sports Academy presents Friday Night Hit Night. Come into the Academy and mention the Friday Night Hit Night ad to receive the promotion. 

The Facility is equipped with 6 retractable tunnels, baseball and softball pitching machines, parent seating area, tv, couch and stools, and free wifi. 

Youth, HS, and College players are welcome to attend. 

72 Jefferson St. Marlborough, MA



  • A hitting rotation will be implemented in the tunnels if a line of players develops
  • Every player hitting in the tunnels must pay the $10 entry fee regardless of the time entering the facility past 3:30pm
  • Parent's do not have to pay the entry fee if using the tunnel to throw to their player
  • Baseballs/softballs will be provided by the facility 
  • No instructors (private lessons) allowed